Heatmiser NEO + Ring Door bell ST Integration

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This is my first post so please bear with me. I am really struggling to decide on a Hub/controller to step into the world of Home Automation. I want to explain my current setup and what I would like to achieve with ST or a Zwave Hub.

I have a Heatmiser NEO Hub setup with 6 zones consisting of UFH, electric UFH and Radiators plus a Megaflo hot water tank connected to a hot water Stat. I also have a Ring Door bell which I like very much. My AV system consists of Yamaha AV2040, Sony 4k TV KD65 Tv, Amazon Fire TV and a SKY HD box which I control via Logitech Harmony.

I want to first of all understand if ST can integrate with at least my thermostats and door bell as I dont want to control different things with different apps etc or lose my existing setup. If I know I can control these then I can easily decide on the hub and then move on to adding relays, dimmers and RGBW controls etc as my only reason for going for an alternate product like FIBARO would be compatibility with my existing setup.

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Would like this integration myself.

I’ve had a quick look over the Heatmiser Neo - as I was just looking at maybe getting the system for UFH. It uses Zigbee so technically it can integrate - however it looks like their implementation is very unique so I wouldn’t hold your breath for this one. Maybe contact them to see if they will create a device handler for it?

I have integrated my Heatmiser Neo system in to smarthings via using a java API Server which communicates to Heatmiser Neo Hub.

Now before you all ask for it, its not at a point where I’m happy with it and have had a break on it due to frustration;
Firstly using my approach I can’t have many device handlers due to the poor way in which the API Server response is dealt with. I essentially need to develop a smartapp or have many listening ports on the API Server.
While I have got the general on/off working I cant work out how the code to poll the temperature and/or increasing/decreasing it.

If I do somehow find the will to pick it up again and get it working ill post about it, but using the smartthings IDE is too frustrating to me and I dont know if im doing it wrong or I have hit one of the many bugs.

Ideally you would do it via direct zigbee but as stated its used in a standard way in regards to HMN. /sigh

Hi Adam

I am really interested to hear a progress update from you, did you manage to overcome the issues and get things up and running properly?

Definitely interested in understanding any other options rather than Honeywell Evohome, purely down to liking choice.

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Hi @kenjohnson

I didnt pick it up again, but heatmiser released the IFTTT channel so you can integrate with that, just not to the degree I would like. ie having an actual device controlling the stat. The Java API server was not ideal as it needed to run somewhere, so unless there is further development on the way you can interact with other devices im just going on the limited functionally with IFTTT.

Just on a side note im currently have issues communication between IFTTT and heatmiser. Really this needs a better man them me working on it.