Having trouble converting to new app

I really liked the original SmartThings app. Having trouble with the new one. I have indoor and exterior lights that are programmed to turn on and off based on a sunrise or sunset +/- minutes. Similarly with the heat. I am having trouble connecting scenes with automations. Is there a basis guide?

I had similar issues when switching to the new app. Some of my ST scenes stopped working in my Alexa routines and I was unable to ‘discover’ new scenes. I’d tried disabling and re-enabling ST from within Alexa; no joy. The live support for Alexa was polite but mostly clueless about ST. “What’s scene?” I finally go through to live ST support and found a knowledgeable person. The resolution is to force the connect to Alexa to happen from the ST side. From ST, select the three-bar menu at the top left, select the gear icon on the top right, select linked services, connect to Alexa here.
This solved all the problems I had. Hope this helps.

Thanks! I’ll try live support. Not an alexa thing