What's the best way to do scenes with ST?

Hi everyone, I want to be able to do a couple scenes that are 80% of the time turned on via Alexa, ideally like “Alexa turn on evening scene” vs having “Alexa tell such and such to turn on evening scene” and then the rest of the time from our phone or a button on the wall.

Seems like there’s many different wants, from routines to smartapps to CoRE. It will mostly be turning on z-wave lights each to different brightness, not all the same, and then some hue lights and possibly setting their colours. Thanks!

The only native solution similar to scenes available in SmartThings is Routines. Unfortunately, Routines are not nearly as flexible as they should’ve been. For example, they don’t allow assigning different brightness level to individual lights.

A simulated switch would work, then control what that switch does through CoRE or Smart lighting

I do that myself based on mode switch to Evening, then the Smart Lighting (or ST CoRE) can do the real on/off/color/dimming based on this mode switch. Evening (if not used for security) can be called by Alexa (or ST EchoSistant).