Haseman Z-Wave DIN Rail 6x2kW Universal Switch module

I know several Fibaro devices work with Hub 2. I wand to use a Haseman Z-Wave DIN Rail 6x2kW Universal Switch module. The Haseman devices work with the Fibaro hub.

This switch is 12 VDC powered, and I want to control 12 VDC lighting. I do not have 120 VAC available.

Will it work as a multi channel switch device on Hub 2?

Hey Gus, did you get anywhere with this at all?

I am looking to grab one to switch speakers on one of my amps, Oh and according to the spec input is 110 … 240VAC, 50/60Hz or 12VDC.


Haseman has some great products for custom automation. I’d really like to know if these are available for the US North American Version (908 MHz) Zwave Hubs. Or if there is a way to integrate it into a US Smartthings Hub.


No replies. Still looking.