Scout + Smartthings questions


so i’ve done a lot of research and i like the scout system-- with the one issue being it doesn’t seem like i can use the scout sensors as triggers for ST.

The thing i don’t like about ST standalone with scout support is the lack of 3G cellular backup.

Would i the possible to just buy the Scout Hub and have the ST trigger the scout hub for monitoring via 3g if something goes wrong?

My end goal is to set up an automation when i leave where once the door sensor senses its closed it locks all the locks and arms the alarm.

or once i come back 3 minutes after the door closes it automatically locks.

its hard to tell if i can do this with the native scout sensors or not…

so basically can ST and Scout work together? or is there a 3G backup option for ST to work in conjunction with scout monitoring




You can always get communication back and forth between IFTTT.

If you go to the bottom and click on “Scout Alarm Triggers and Actions” you can see everything that can be sent from Scout to another service (Trigger) and everything that Scout can do in response to an event from another service (Action).