Scout Alarm, Smartthings, Konnected?

I just installed my Konnected setup (loving it) and am contemplating options for monitoring especially during periods when we’re on vacation or simply away for a few days.

Konnected seems to recommend Scout Alarm and at $200 a year, that’s not so bad.

The real question I have is that after looking at Scout’s website, it appears I STILL need to buy Scout’s hardware to make it work and which doesn’t interest me even a little. It seems, at a minimum, that I would need Scout’s hub and perhaps their sensors as well.

Is that accurate? Wondering why Scout can’t just work through the Smartthings hub. I’m also wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. Ages back I worked for the now defunct Life Call (which morphed later into Life Alert) company and saw first-hand how horrid monitoring can be in a discount environment. If anyone ever saw that “center” no one would pay them a dime.

If you have the SmartThings hub and are using the Smart Home Monitoring, all you need to do is go into the SHM and hit the gear button on top right of the ST app. There on the bottom, you can sign up for the Scout monitoring.


The Scout website is not helpful in this regard. They don’t mention their direct integration with SmartThings as it would cannibalize sales of their own hardware.

The SmartThings/Scout integration service is described in the ST Classic App under the SHM options.