Has anyone made a DIY HVAC controller yet?


Has any of you guys successfully used a Arduino DUO + SmartThings Shield w/ relays and created a HVAC controller? Ex: DIY NEST?

I have all of the parts and can easily make the hardware just will need to figure out the software side, mostly from the SmartThings Shield + SmartApps side.


Already started prototyping the hardware and now just need to wire it all up then program it.

Preview: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/nf92y8nqbjelvmx/wYxwxOUZF7
You rotate the outside face plate to change temp. (similar to nest)
I’d paint the whole thing black and frost the front cover and numbers would show through the frosting.
Similar to http://blog.spark.io/2014/01/17/open-source-thermostat/

Nice! Like the plastic container for the housing – as great as 3D printing is, sometimes I think you can get nicer plastics from recycling (using an automatic soap dispenser housing for my current project). Have you had any luck squeezing the SmartThing shield into the small space?

Hey, actually I have a 3D printer but this case saved time and was a perfect fit. Everything minus wiring is inside of that case. Arduino DUO, SmartThing Shield, Relays, Pot., LCDs, etc.

Only spend around 30mins on that so I need to actually take it apart and wire it all up.

Previous photos when I just sat everything inside the case and didn’t mount any of it. https://www.dropbox.com/sc/7wqywa3jkkoytzd/KF7de70eLZ#/

You’re not alone. Spark has already done this: http://blog.spark.io/2014/01/17/open-source-thermostat/

Thanks Col. I actually posted that in the first posting, saw that the other day.

Yep, my mistake. I should have read your post in its entirety before posting. Anyway, cool project!

That looks wicked cool

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