Has anyone had luck with the iCamera 1000?

Has anyone had any luck with connecting one of these: Wireless iCamera 1000 Outdoor/indoor Night Vision

The house we bought came with 3 of them, and I’m trying to find a way to integrate them or sell them. they were part of the Comcast Security system, and would hate to just throw them out.

If you reset them, you should be able to get to them via IP.

http://www.ispyconnect.com/man.aspx?n=iCamera+1000 has info

Any luck setting this up? I just got my hub today and want to see if anyone had any luck?

any updates here? i quit the xfinity home system and want to use iCamera-1000 with smartthings hub. Can you enter url into configurtaion on hub?

Same here, Has anyone tried to get one of these to work? Any help will be great.

I have the iCamera 1000s working with my SmartThings setup. I had to install the Generic Camera from @pstuart (https://github.com/pstuart/Generic-Video-Camera). Then it’s pretty simple, just plug in the correct info. The only thing you’ll need is the ip, then the stream path will be rtsp://the ip of your camera/img/media.sav.


I’m curious how you went about doing this. I have a handful of them leftover from my old service. I was easily able to reset them and connect to them via IP address. I just don’t have a service that they connect to like smart things or anything else for that matter. Would love to hook them up to my smart things equipment.