Icamera2 (Sercomm)


Has anyone been able to get one of these to work?

I have a couple from my prior provider and would like to see if i can get em to work with ST

I got em all set up with static IPs and portfowarding however i would love to see them from ST instead of having to run yet another app.

(Jason) #2

I was kind of hoping for some Sercomm device handlers as well. I just liberated an iCamera2 from a Comcast setup.

(Stu) #3

I found this on Github, it gives me live feed and you can snap a pic, I am still trying to work out the motion (I have a Mac)

iCamera 2 Help
(Bob Wise) #4

Is there a trick to getting this to work? I have 3 of these cameras Icamera2. I have them working on there older code generic but would love to see motions and snapshot work in SmartThings. I cant get the stream to start


(Bob Wise) #5

Capt9859 Do these still work? I haven’t been able to get the !camera2 working with this code. I have them working on PS’s Generic Camera Code


(Robert) #6

I loaded the device handlers and smart apps but when I hit “+” to add my cameras manually, the devices aren’t there as an option.

(Bob Wise) #7

I have the same problem :frowning:

(Raymond King) #8

was anyone able to get this to work. im thinking of going completely getting rid of xfinity home and putting these on smart things. wanted to know before i buy smart things cameras


Hi Capt9859, can you share more detail on how to add the icamera2 to smartthings please?
I installed all 3 smartapps and device handler from the link you provided, thanks for that,
and then I used wps to pair the icamera2 to my router and got ip address,
then I run the icamera manager(connect) to add new fixed ip camera by adding ip etc…
and then what? I don’t know what to do next and where can I see the camera view…
thanks in advance!

(Fl Panther) #10

Does this code work for sercomm OC432? Also can you view live video away from home? Or does it only work while on home WiFi? Thanks