Has anyone actually got the Qubino Thermostat (ZMNHID3) working successfully?

I wanted to share with everyone that with some effort this device is now working for me. You have to do a few things:

  1. get the device handler from here https://raw.githubusercontent.com/qubinoDeveloper/SmartThings/master/DeviceHandlers/Qubino/FlushOnOffThermostat/QubinoFlushOnOffThermostat_DeviceHandler_v0_9.groovy
  2. install that device handler and then make the changes listed above in the two posts by @doncaruana (thank you for that btw!)
  3. apply that device handler with the changes to the ZMNHID3
  4. get Z-wave tweaker from here ( here
  5. apply Z-wave tweaker to your device
  6. go to the setting of the ZMNHID3 in the classic app and add an Association Group ID:1 and an Association Group Members:01
  7. go back to the IDE and change your device handler from Z-Wave tweaker back to Qubino On Off Thermostat

Mine is now reporting temperature any time it changes by 1 degree within a second or two (it does not poll based on time it polls only when the temperature changes by 1 degree F). I am also not getting any errors in live logging after making the code replacements listed above by @doncaruana.