Trouble with Qubino Flush Shutter

Hi Forum, I am having some trouble with a qubino and would really appreciate some assistance please.

I have 3 of the same device controlling blinds. 2 of them work and 1 doesn’t. I haven’t made any changes and cannot say exactly when it stopped. I haven’t used this particular blind in about 2 months so it could be any time.

One of these qubinos stopped working a while back due to a ST hub update. The problem was that I was using a modified device handler. After a LOT of messing around with it the fix was simple in the end so I am trying to avoid that this time. I am not sure if this device is using a modified handler or not. Its been a long time since I set it up and my knowledge is a bit stale right now. I have power cycled the entire system but still its not working. Its showing as online but there are message transmit failures.

Its up in the loft and under loft boards so I am hoping this can be fixed without having to touch the thing. In all fairness I need to make an access hatch anyway so will probably just do that for the heck of it.

Any suggestions on soft fixes please? After all potential soft fixes have been attempted i’ll try hard fixes including replacing the qubino entirely.

Here is the broken one:

And here are the working ones (Note one has the data field defined and the other doesn’t):

I have 5 blinds all running on the same type of qubino. They all appear to be using the same device handler so I am begiining to think I have a hardware problem on my hands. Possibly a faulty Qubino.

I have highlighted the one thats not working:

I will attemp to remove and re add it.

OK so upon further inspection there seems to be an overheating issue!!!

Interestingly the one that stopped working looked just fine. Swapped it out for a spare I had in my box of tricks and its fixed now. Perhaps I should have paid some more attention to heat dissipation when boarding out that loft.

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