Harmony Ultimate, plz help me understand

I just got the Harmony Ultimate. I want to integrate it into Smartthings and Alexa. I am at the very beginning of the process. Trying to get the remote setup to work with my electronics. I am having trouble getting the screen to operate as I want. Example. I added my Samsung Powerbot vacuum. When I click on the activity the screen shows “Powering on” and then defaults to a screen that just shows the option “Home”. All “Home” does is send the vac back to it’s base. But, if I then click the 3 lines at the bottom and click on “Devices” and then click on Samsung Home Appliance, I get a screen that shows all the options that are on the remote that came with the vac. I would have thought all those options should show on the initial screen. What am I missing? Thanks

I don’t have the vac, but with other Harmony controlled equipment there is more than one screen that can be accessed while in an activity (not by going into devices, but by swiping sideways on the screen). That is the way you would access a numeric keypad (for a TV or other device which requires it) or other device commands which you can choose when you set up the activity in the Harmony application. For my TiVo, I use it to have access to the TiVo Thumbs Up/Down and other special keys on other non-Tivo devices which are often used with that activity without diving into the other devices menus.

The screen actually as a few dim dots near the top center that shows you which sub-screen you are viewing. You can even customize (by choosing the three horizontal lines at the bottom right of the activity screen, then ‘settings’, then ‘activities’ which ‘startup screen’ is selected when you start an activity. That way for a TV you could choose to have the numeric keypad showing when you start a TV viewing activity.

Thanks for that info… I did not know the side to side… so I grabbed my remote… nope, swiping either direction just brings up the list of activities programmed in…

Weird… so you have no access to a numeric pad for a TV viewing activity?

I do under TV activities… but this is my vacuum

Maybe there is some info in the following link that can help. From my experience, you can customize what is shown on each device screen as well as the order it’s shown.