Using SmartPower Outlet with Logitech Harmony Remote Control


I have a Logitech Harmony and have an activity for TV. It turns on TV, Amp and Cable box. I recently bought a SmartPower Outlet and wish to add it to this activity to turn on the power for all the devices at the start of the activity. I can add SmartThings to the Logitech in the Home Control section and add the power on command only at the end of the activity which is no good. On a plus point it is at the end of the power off for the activity which works a treat :slight_smile:

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@PaulDuffy, sorry for the delay in responding. I saw this some days ago, then ment off my list.

I had the exact same query some months ago (you can see below)

Short answer, is you could not. As far as I can still work out you can not.

However running some logic, you should be able to get it to work.

For me, I never did, this was primarily due to some things working sometimes and not others, which ment Harmony Activities would fire even though power wasn’t on.

What I did in the end was, a single activity to turn power on. Once on then I did another activity for the Entertainment set up you sought.

If you come up with a working set up, please let me know.


I am also running into the same problem. A separate activity works but is definitely more confusing for others using it.

I’m thinking about scheduling the outlet to come on during the day and have the activity as backup. Having it on all day when we only use an hour a day though doesn’t make great sense either.

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Within the Harmony app under the activity you can rearrange the order of devices turning on and then add a delay for after power switch is turned on.

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But you can’t move the core items in the activity (TV, cable, Audio) under other devices. It’s a limitation in their software and one that is annoying as hell.

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Is there a way to do it using coRe like have a 5 or 10 second delay leading off your harmony activity and then set up a piston in coRe that says if Harmony is turned on, turn on power. Perhaps the 5 or 10 second delay will give enough time for the power to turn on before the actual activity commands begin. Haven’t really worked it out yet, just a thought.


In theory yes, turn on, wait x seconds, verify that its on before proceedings.

As I mentioned above I’ve failed in this endeavour as I can never get harmony synched properly with st. I mean I can get st into harmony and harmony into st but keepling them in synch I have failed. I even have a separate core piston to refresh the harmony hub but that’s also I consistent.

Maybe its just me and due to my frustration but to me saying the two products work together is just daft. They connect with each other, see each other but being useful as a single unit nope :joy:

To be honest, I’ve also given up on the full Harmony-ST integration for a number of reasons:

  1. No reordering of powering on/off of devices that are core to an activity. I have no idea what Logitech is thinking, but their lack of flexibility in activity structure annoys the hell out of me. I want to be able to do the same thing as the OP; power on a smart plug BEFORE the other devices. Nope. I guess Logitech doesn’t believe in power saving.

  2. No true logic in Harmony for adjusting lighting (or other smart devices). What I mean by that is that there is no way to say “If it’s morning, adjust lights to [x]%, else if it’s afternoon, adjust lights to [x]% else adjust lights to [x]% WHEN activity [y] starts (or stops)”. Granted, we also can’t do the same thing natively in ST as well without either a smartapp like Stringify, webCoRE or SmartRules or using multiple routines.

  3. Cross notification of smart device platforms. As @KellyDarren said, keeping the two platforms in sync is a NIGHTMARE.

So, I have my basic routines setup on my hubs and I have those activites imported and named in ST. I can trigger them from Alexa or any smartapps as switches and have kind of gotten around Harmony’s limitations.

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I do this without any issues.

Since activities are just switches in ST, it’s easy to use webCoRE to start an activity and add the delays with webCoRE…

Doesn’t work when you use the (SAME) name for the direct Alexa-Harmony…

In Harmony-Turn On TV activity
Name Bedroom TV Harmony

Name Bedroom TV (Virtual Switch)

Bedroom TV changes to On
Using Power Outet
Turn On
Bedroom TV Harmony
Wait 2 seconds
Turn On

If Bedroom TV Harmony changes to Off
Bedroom TV
Turn Off

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@Rontalley, I’m getting the impression that you primarily using ST app then for controlling your Entertainment stuff. Would that be correct?

No. I have 8 dots, 3 echos, 3 fire TVs and 3 harmonys. Pretty much use Alexa and/or harmony remote for entertainment purposes.

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Addict. How much is Amazon paying you to extoll their virtues? :wink: LOL

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Lmao, I second that :blush:

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I just purchased a Samsung smarthub with a smart outlet so I can have alexa turn on the smart outlet and the harmony activity. Looks like it’s not a simple step. Is there any update with this? I cant move the power outlet to the top of the activity, so I guess not?