Harmony remote integration with custom device

Hi all,

New user here - Harmony Companion arrived last week and the SmartThings hub arrived Sunday. First job was to turn on some sockets - paired, integrated and working with some Zigbee switches. Also have this mapped to one of the dedicated home automation buttons on the Harmony. All works as expected using the built-in Zigbee switch driver for the two sockets.

I have a Hive heating system, so have installed (and have working) the Hive 3.0 work from @Alyc100 here: [RELEASE] - Hive (Connect) V3.0 (British Gas Hive). All working in SmartThings as expected.

I can also get the sensors (2 x thermostats and water) to appear in the Logitech Harmony and I can also assign them to a button (and up/down) and the “functions” that it supports are

  • Short press: select thermostat
  • Rocker swith +: increase temp
  • Rocker switch -: decrease temp

These functions appear fixed.

So the harmony sees the device, and it looks integrated but when I press the +/- buttons (after pressing the device key to activate the rocker for this function), the thermostat does nothing. I am getting no log messages from the harmony when I press the assigned buttons.

Any idea how you get the functions from the Harmony to call the correct points in the custom driver or how I need to mod the custom driver so it fires when increase/decrease temp is pressed.

Does anyone know how the harmon