Harmony Hub Activity functionality after is integrated with SmartThings

Hi guys,

I have a small situation regarding the run of an activity from Harmony Hub, more precisely:

  1. I’ve created an activity in Harmony Hub to start my TV and after it starts to switch to Chanel 156 - Tested inside the Harmony app and everything works ok, TV starts and than switch to Chanel 156

  2. I’ve integrated this with SmartThings as when I open the front door (based on the multipurpose sensor) to start this activity

Now the problem is that the activity is performed, tv starts but does not change the channel, do you have any idea why is this happening and how can be resolved?
Because is strange, every time I test inside the harmony app it works ok but if I trigger the action using the sensor the channel does not change, it only triggers power on of the tv

Thank you

That is going to be a Harmony issue. Make sure if you are using IR for the commands that those commands are coming from the proper emitter (hub, remote, etc). If all that seems OK, change the timing to delay the channel change a bit. If that doesn’t do it, roll the dice and give Harmony a shout. You might get lucky and actually get some help there.