Harmony Hub vacation mode

I think I know the answer to this. But, I am looking at the Logitech Harmony Hub (I do not currently have a Logitech remote).

What I am wanting to do, is setup routines for when I am out of town, to randomly turn my TV on and off, change channels etc. Can this be done with CoRE? Or another smart app? I know that there is the Harmony smartapp allowing the Harmony to control the smartthings connected devices. but is there a way to make it to where smartthings can control the harmony to control the TV at scheduled times?


Since Harmony activities are setup as switches in SmartThings you’re best bet would be to setup a couple of different activities which turn on the TV and set a channel.

You only really need 2 separate activities (unless you want to change to multiple channels then setup an activity for each channel you want to change to and from.)

Then you could setup a vacation “mode” in SmartThings or use a virtual switch to turn start activities (turn on switches) at certain times (or random). There is an official SmartApp called Vacation Lighting Director that can be setup to turn on and off lights/switches.