SmartThings + Harmony Hub + Echo to Change Channels?


Thanks to all who reply…

I am new to this whole integration thing and am sorry if this is posted elsewhere.

Is there a step by step (and I mean baby steps) guide to exactly how to create an activity to change channels on my set top box using Amazon Alexa. I have all my devices linked SmartThings, Harmony, Alexa, and Lifx. I am not sure and need some expert advice, is it better to control channel changing through IFTTT (and if is, please a baby step guide on how that’s done) or with the devices. If it wasn’t for you tube and watching all the home automation videos, I wouldn’t be in this mess, damn you, you tube…either way, thanks again for any info…


I use Yonomi with Alexa and Harmony. It’s the most efficient and easiest to setup. You need to setup Harmony activities for each channel you want which you need to do regardless of how you do it.

Then problem with this is that everything you start a new activity in harmony app it always wants to start with the power on command. And certainly in my case it then ends up powering off my cable box as it was already on.