Harmony Home Control - SmartThings Control and vice versa

I just had a weird issue where my TV went off and on several times. Nothing in the ST logs, but see it in the IFTTT app log. Wonder if they are having issues

@kevintierney i have experienced this as well. Not sure if its the ifttt and harmony cloud interface.

Has this been fixed yet?

To my knowledge no work has been, or is in the process of being, done to correct the issue where SmartThings cannot detect or control Harmony devices. I can still control SmartThings (I dim a light in my living room using the Harmony remote sometimes) using my Harmony, but SmartThings cannot control Harmony devices/commands.

Since it’s been 6 months since I initially authored this post, and no SmartThings personnel have bothered to chime in or offer any suggestions, I can only assume they just don’t care. Using IFTTT, a useful but latent and unreliable tool, to get around this is not a valid workaround to this issue.

As I purchased Harmony and SmartThings at the same time, because they were advertised to work together, I feel like I was lied to.

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There is definitely some new work being done, @thegibertchan , an ST staffer, has posted about some of his work on the cloud to cloud interface (as opposed to the previous LAN interface). I believe this new work may be what has led to the fact that Harmony activities can now be triggered by ST sensors.

That said, we’re a long way off from a full interface, no question.

all I want to be able to do is control a group of lights with the harmony remote.
Unfortunately it appears I can only control certain KINDS of lights - I can’t remember right now if it’s Hue only or WeMo only or what, but either way it’s ludicrous that it differentiates.

Bummer. :disappointed: I suspect the problem is wemo. Harmony currently says they do not have support for controlling wemo. SmartThings has limited support through labs, not full integration.


Harmony is not able to control this home automation device, neither directly, nor through the use of a 3rd party home automation hub.

There’s a workaround where you have harmony turn on a virtual switch as part of an activity, and the virtual switch turns on the wemo, but to be honest I don’t think it’s working very well right now.

So I think this is a known harmony issue, compounded by the fact that the WeMo integration with smartthings is not yet complete. But mostly, it’s an issue you should be taking up with Logitech Harmony support.

We’re you trying to do this through the ST section of the harmony app? I ask because harmony has separate Hue support in addition to ST support. You should be able to control any ST connected light/switch regardless of manufacturer since it talks to ST and not directly to the device.

I’d love to use a virtual switch alternative - how? it’s never presented as an option…or perhaps I don’t have virtual switches set up? I thought I did…

Here’s the FAQ on how to create a virtual switch:

Once you have one, it works like any other switch. You can authorize IFTTT or Harmony to access it. You can link it to other lights/switches through The Big Switch smartapp. Or you can use it to trigger Hello Home Actions through the community-created Big Switch for Hello Home Actions. Or access it through other custom Smartapps, including the community-created rules engines.

Harmony will think it’s just a switch, and you can assign it to one of the remote’s home automation buttons or include it in a harmony action. Once it’s turned on or off, it will be up to the scheduling you’ve set up on the SmartThings side to make things happen.

I just want to throw this out there and make sure what I am seeing is the same as everyone else. I feel like what I am wanting to do is simple. It seems it should work even with the crappy firmaware. What I want to do is simply this:

I have a Harmony Home control:

Hit the light button(on the remote), it turns my lamp off, hit the light button again, it turns the lamp on
Play a movie: dim the light, pause, the light goes to full brightness

What is happening now is: I hit the light button and it comes on. Hit the light button again and nothing. Go into smarthings app and cannot control the light at all until the Smartthings hub is rebooted.

Its seems is it can fire the command to turn on, it seems it should be able to fire the command to turn off…

Am I missing something?

Hold down the button to turn it off.

None of the Harmony buttons are toggles, whether it’s through smartthings or not. Instead it’s a short press to turn on and a long press (“hold”) to turn off.

You can see all the button mappings when you go into harmony set up and then choose the remote.

You shouldn’t have to reboot the hub, though, I don’t know what’s going on with that. Harmony sending a command is no different then IFT TT sending a command, once that command is processed, smartthings should be able to do anything it normally does.

Thank you @baldeagle072 and @JDRoberts. I did not know that, thought they were toggles. I will test again tonight.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get this working. You can have Harmony dim the lights when Play Movie is started, but Harmony only allows home automation during the Activity process, so the pause button can’t trigger anything extra.

Once full integration is restored you can mimic this feature with one of the home control buttons though. I have this working, but it required two new Harmony activities (one for pause, one for resume), a virtual switch in ST and two instances of the Harmony control SmartApp. That’s a lot of setup time!

Thank you Scott, great info.

Is this the reason I can’t add the Harmony integration from SmartThings Labs? Well I can add it but when I choose the devices I want it to control and hit done I get “Failed to save page: deviceAuthorization” error message on my phone.

yes. ST is working on the issue. I was able to add everything to my Harmony, but not Vice versa.

people have been reporting that the latest update from Logitech has fixed this issue, but I’m still having the same issue, anyone else?

BTW - I can control ST via the Harmony app, but NOT Vice versa.

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