Harmony discovery?

After some effort (removing / re-installing, power-cycling) I have my Harmony Hub recognized in ST. However the “Logitech Harmony (connect)” still says “please wait while…”. Is this app supposed to show all my activities like “Logitech Harmony Trigger” does?
“Logitech Harmony (Connect)”

“Logitech Harmony Trigger”

No - the Harmony Connect SmartApp is only there to create the connection (don’t uninstall it).

Use the Harmony Trigger SmartApp, which you’ve already found, to actually start (or stop) activities.

You can install multiple instances of the Harmony Trigger SmartApp, configuring each one for a different scenario you’re trying to automate (e.g. one to turn on the TV at 6:00pm, another instance to turn the TV off when SmartThings changes into “Night” mode, etc.). Give each instance a meaningful name so you can keep track of what’s what.

You can combine other SmartApps and virtual switches to come up with more complicated scenarios (e.g. use another SmartApp to turn on a virtual switch, and then have an instance of Harmony Trigger do something when it sees that virtual switch turned on).

Which Harmony hub are you using? I am having trouble getting my ST hub v2 to discover the Harmony. I have checked for extra harmony hubs, rebooted the Harmony during game discovery to no avail. Tech support has been great but I still do not have a connection.

Any tips on how you got the connector to work?

@chuckles Thanks for clearing that up. I thought the activities would show up as switches but I bet I can use a virtual switch if needed.

@ETnSC I have the hub with the little non-display remote. I had the same issues with discovery until I refreshed the connection through the Harmony app. I think it’s called refresh/relogin or similar.

@ETnSC - a couple of questions:

  1. Which Harmony remote do you have and what firmware version is it

  2. Where are you located? If you’re one of the new UK/European users on
    the new UK servers, the Harmony integration won’t work for you until
    SmartThings have fixed the OAuth problem associated with those

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This thread may help:

I was able to make the connection yesterday. I connected the Harmony hub to my computer and signed in to MyHarmony and had the Harmony located within a foot of the ST hub. I don’t know if any of this really made a difference but it did connect.

To answer your questions and possibly assist others 1)my Harmony hub is a Harmony Smart Control with firmware 4.7.84. 2)I am located in the US.


You wouldn’t normally ever connect the hub to your PC. You may on occasion connect the remote to the PC when using the MyHarmony software, to either do a firmware update or to synchronise any configuration changes, but the need for this is decreasing significantly as well, as Logitech have improved the ability to do most updates “over the air” and not require the remote to be physically connected.

Proximity of the Harmony (remote or hub) to the SmartThings hub is not an issue (in fact, further away is probably better, so the Harmony Hub wifi and SmartThings hub Zigbee don’t interfere with each other).

The way the elements connect is as follows:

Harmony Remote <–RF_Link–> Harmony Hub <–WiFi–> Your home router <–Internet–> Logitech Cloud Service <-- Internet–> SmartThings Cloud Service

So, the Harmony never actually talks directly to your SmartThings hub.

If you set up a SmartThings trigger for a Harmony action (e.g. door opens, turn on TV), the events go like this:

  1. SmartThings multisensor sends Zigbee message to SmartThings Hub over
    Zigbee mesh network

  2. SmartThings Hub sends message to SmartThings Cloud via your home
    router and then the Internet

  3. SmartThings Cloud evaluates message and then executes the Harmony
    Trigger SmartApp

  4. HarmonyTrigger SmartApp uses Logitech Harmony Hub C2C device type

  5. Logitech Harmony Hub C2C device type (in SmartThings Cloud) talks
    (via the Internet) to Logitech Harmony Cloud service

  6. Logitech Harmony Cloud service talks to your Harmony Hub (via the
    Internet and your home router)

  7. Your Harmony Hub starts the “Watch TV” activity, sending the
    commands to turn on the TV, etc.

Note again how your SmartThings hub and your Harmony hub never talk to each other directly.

The most common causes for people having trouble connecting Harmony to SmartThings seem to be:

  1. Being a user on the new UK servers and therefore currently unable to
    use OAuth (required to authenticate you for the SmartThings Cloud
    <–> Logitech Cloud communications)

  2. Not having sufficiently up to date firmware installed on their Harmony
    Hub and/or Remote.

  3. Having multiple Harmony remotes defined in their Logitech Harmony
    (MyHarmony) account, but not having all of those hubs turned on
    and connected to the Internet.

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