Harmony devices linked to SmartThings no longer show in Google Home/Alexa with August 2020 Integration/skill update

I have been using SmartThings to link my 2 harmony hubs to Google Home for 3 years.

Google Home has a limit of 1 harmony hub that can be linked, if directly linked.

But, if Harmony is linked to ST, then ST to google, they used to all show up.

Smartthings updated its Google integration this month (august 2020) and requred all users to re-connect ST to google.

Now none of the harmony devices connected to ST, show up in Google.
I have disconnected and reconnected all accounts to eachother and cannot get my harmony devices to show in google through smartthings.

I have seen a user on reddit post he has had the same thing happen to him but with the Alexa skill update that occurred at the same time as the google update. https://www.reddit.com/r/SmartThings/comments/i5pcv6/best_way_to_connect_harmony_to_google_and/ (2nd last post)

YES… i could theoretically connect google to harmony, but i am only able to connect google to one of my 2 hubs.

I just want SmartThings to have the same features i had last week.

I just finished relinking my Alexa skill - looks like mine are there but as Scenes - not devices.

You mean it’s possible to add our harmony devices as scenes?
I was convinced only activities were shown on ST.
If yes, could you let me know how to do it?

I meant activities.

No, what im saying is the virtual switches created for Harmony Activities show as scenes in Alexa.

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