Hardware device or button to control music

I am looking for a hardware solution to control my music such as Play/Pause, Next Track, Volume up and Down. I am using a Flic button now but it only has three button combinations and for it to be perfect I need 4 button combinations. I was wondering if anyone else has something they use for this. I know I could use Amazon Alexa but I would really rather not talk to it, I find a physical solution easier. Also, don’t want to use a mounted phone or tablet. Thanks

I just answered you in the flic thread, but with the flic, it depends on what software you are using to enable the actual functionality. If you are using the Sonos app, for example, their flic single for music does exactly what you’re asking for because they made play/pause a toggle. If music is playing and you hit the flic, it will pause. If the music is paused and you hit the flic, it starts playing. You can ask their support more questions about that, including which music apps it works with.

So the first question is what exactly are you playing the music on?

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Hello, thanks for the answers. I made a new topic because I would be curious if other hardware solution exist besides the Flic. I am using Samsung Multiroom and a Samsung R1 speaker to play music. Flic does have native support for the Samsung app on Android or I could use Core. The problem I have is that I cannot get a button for both volume up and volume down. I have a button that can do Play/Pause, another button that can skip to next track, then I have one more button that can only do volume up or volume down, not both. Trying to work in a way to get the full functionality.

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Did you try Minimote? It has 4 buttons and you can find the first gen pretty cheap these days…


And the first gen Minimote can be firmware updated to the same functionality as the gen two.

It can also be programmed for up to 8 button presses/holds

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I’m using an aeon minimote for my bedroom Sonos and a lutron pico remote for my living room Sonos. I modified a broken smartapp that now makes setting up both remote types very simple (see link below). I would highly recommend the minimote because like @bamarayne stated, it has 4 buttons but can be used to perform 8 functions…and is very responsive. The smartapp should work with the Samsung speakers as well but I have not tested it yet.


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Thanks for the replies everyone. I purchased a Minimote last night and I will try the recommended smart app once it is received. Also, by pure chance I stumbled on another cool device when I was reading Engadget this morning. Just to pass it on here is the link.

Was there ever a more general solution for this? I’d like to use the minimote to perform “hey Google, next” (for instance) but I don’t think this is possible. I use my minimote buttons primarily to drive the SmartLighting app but don’t know of an app / DTH for other Google home automation.