Hard wired Energy Monitoring Devices compatible with Smartthings Energy

Before the energy crisis we refurbished our kitchen and removed the gas oven and hob and replaced them with 4 individual Siemens ovens/microwave/steamer and a Siemens induction hob. We also have a Siemens Dishwasher, Freezer, Fridge, Washing Machine and Dryer (the previous kitchen and appliances were over 20 years old and all on their way out)
The hob, and all of the ovens each have their own hard wired supply due to the loads exceeding a 13amp socket, The dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer all plug in to a 13amp socket but are all on the same ring main so could be monitored jointly.
There are lots of plug in 13amp power meters but I need to have hard wired devices.

Does anyone know of a Smartthings compatible energy monitoring device which can be hard wired. There are a few on Amazon that just take a power supply from the device but measure the current using an induction coil(either the live or neutral passes through a hole in the device) which presumably passes through an internal induction coil. Some of these appear to have poor reviews re accuracy giving readings when turned off!!

If similar “Smart” devices were available we with DIN mounting, my aim was to install an enclosure with a DIN rail directly below my incoming fuse box and install all the power meters in there.
At a pinch I could fit an induction coil/sensor for each device on each MCB live connection within the existing consumer unit providing the coil is small enough. Perhaps there is a DIY project for individual appliance power monitoring I could adapt?

Since posting the above I have come across the Emporia Vue system that physically does what I need. However there doesn’t appear to be any active integration with Smartthings. The question was asked by tuffloud1 in 2020 but I can find nothing more. There appears to be an integration for Home Assistant but not for Smartthings so unless Emporia writer an Edge driver I assume there will no integration development using a DTH due to upcoming changes in Smartthings?
Has anyone found a similar system to Emporia Vue?