Whole home energy monitor recommendation?

As we near cyber Monday this year, I am looking at energy monitors for my home. 400A service (2 x 200A panels). In particular, I’ve installed a new whole-house inverter heat pump, and I’d like to get a feel for how much the inverter is ramping up and down while it’s running.

It doesn’t have to integrate with Smartthings, but it would be nice. I realize that with everything moving to Edge, it’s unlikely to find something that will integrate well at this point. Accuracy and reliability are more important than integration at this point.


I have the Sense system. Overall I am not very satisfied with it. It was quite expensive, and after over two years it still hasn’t identified most of the major things I would like to track such as my pool pump and hot tub. It will pop a few new things up every couple of months, but never really knows what they are.

Look at the options out there that include more leads, like Emporia. They appear to be more accurate.


I have an Aeotec Home Energy Meter (gen 5) single phase that runs Edge with the Aeotec driver. Basic and seems fairly accurate but have not done any serious checks on it. Aeotec also provide multiple phase (upto 3 clamps I think) that, presumably, will run with thier driver as well:


I still have an original TED (The Energy Detective) that doesn’t have any communication ability outside of USB syncing to a PC. They’ve been working on their next generation product for quite some time…

Most of the cloud based systems don’t seem to be sold/supported for very long. I’m guessing its a small market, plus the difficulty/cost of most people not being able to install them DYI.

PowerX seems promising. I’ve been watching to see if its worth trying.

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