Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller

This is exciting. I had already installed a wireless remote module into my harbor breeze fan, but it was some sort of proprietary RF. I will be sooo happy to install these modules. Thanks for all the work everyone does in this great community. Fan control was the one thing lots of people wanted.

These are still out of stock right? You can’t buy the controller anywhere?


Correct, as far as I’ve been able to tell. I’m hoping Home Depot actually emails me when they go on sale.

Edit: some folks above have been able to order it from the manufacturer’s replacement parts line. So you can get it that way, technically.


Here are the photos of the remote and controller that comes standard with the Home Decorator Gardinier ceiling fan. Hopefully it matches exactly like the replacement parts J and K that BatraD will receive by end of week. The retail kit that is out of stock is white remote and controller stock photo doesn’t show model number on home depot website. Also home depot couldn’t confirm to me that it is exact receiver controller in the retail kit.

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This is what @marktheknife was referring to, if you can’t wait for the retail version I posted how to contact the fan manufacturer to order repair parts in post #33


Does the remote still work when paired with SmartThings using @ranga device type?

Has anyone noticed how similar this product looks to universal RF fan remotes? I’m wondering of those can be hacked in some way to do what we need. Of course we would need some kind of controller… Just a thought Here’s one

They look the same because they perform the same function. A controller in the fan canopy to control the fan motor and a handheld button remote.

But that’s like saying that two envelopes that went through the mail look the same.

It doesn’t mean you’d be able to read the letters inside, as one might be written in English and one might be written in Mandarin Chinese.

RF just means “radio frequency.” But there are many different frequencies that can be used, and they use many different encryption and messaging protocols.

The reason people are so interested in this particular one is that it is using a protocol that Smartthings both hears and understands, zigbee home automation (ZHA).

Most universal fan controllers are either transmitting on a frequency that smartthings cannot hear or using a protocol that it does not understand.

So similar purpose (deliver a message) solved in a similar way (button remote to canopy controller) but using a different language.

And that’s not a perfect analogy, as it’s not just a matter of translating – – if it’s a different frequency all together, the message may not be able to be heard in the first place.

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The included remote works and the status is updated in ST once the state changes.


Most universal fan controllers are either transmitting on a frequency that smartthings cannot hear or using a protocol that it does not understand.

Totally makes sense. I was thinking a little more technical than that though. I was thinking we could use one of those as a skeleton and maybe strip out the GE 12730 and Frankenstein something together :smiley:

Got my units today. They have the reverse option. Hopefully I’ll have some time next week to install them.

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Davesh, the units you got in today are remote model TR227A and ceiling fan receiver controller model MR101Z correct? The cheaper white remote retail kit doesn’t seem to have reverse mode like your replacement parts. Also curious if the reverse mode will work on home decorator fans that have a manual switch you have to toggle for reverse like my winward IV model.

I would think the chances are very slim it will work on any fan with reversing switches. The same with the other features like the 2-4-8 hour timer, confort breeze, walk away delay, etc. I think those kind of functions are all built in the fan control itself and not the wireless remote which is simply the triggering device.

I use Lutron Maestro Fan Control / Dimmer kits for all of my light/fan combos (all house switches are either Maestro or Caseta for aesthetics and symmetry). Since the Maestro fan/light control already utilizes a fan canopy module, would you say I’m going to have to ditch these switches in order to put the Hampton Bay Zigbee modules in? Or is there a chance that both could be used simultaneously?

I think the logic for the timer/breeze… is in the remote itself and not the base unit.

I have used the Hampton bay fan remotes with timer option on different fans in my home by changing the house code (switches on the back of the remote) and always got the timer / delay lights off function to work with either fan even if that original fan did not come with a fancy remote.

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oh that is SWEET ! :slight_smile:

Note to self: Keep spare batteries available for remote

I have the same Maestro Fan Control/Dimmer setup in my house and I am planning on replacing them. I don’t see any way to make these work together without major conflict. The advantages of having it on SmartThings far outweigh the look for me.

That’s what I was afraid of. Any chance that putting some Aeon Labs micro dimmers somewhere in the line would work?

If your intention is still use the Maestro Fan Control/Dimmer setup? The same problem will exist for any secondary controller you may want to use. The Maestro wall switch is basically a wireless remote controller that does not use batteries but 120v hardwired at the switch gangbox. It communicates wireless back to the receiver in the fan cowl. I don’t know of any way to install anything in conjunction with that kind of setup and not cause a conflict. For example putting the Aeon micro dimmer could possibly work for dimming the light only but your wall switch has no way to know that is what is happening so the indicators would be off sync.

I am like you in that the Maestro Fan Dimmer control is the perfect solution look, function, indicators for the user and deeply hoped that Lutron would make a z-wave version of the receiver for it or in the Caseta lineup at least. Just been waiting too long and this Hampton Bay receiver is the best fit thus far for SmartThings.

If you like having the wall switch look this is the closest I think we will get… there is a slight possibility that this MIGHT be compatible with the zigbee Wink receiver with the custom device handler but no one has reported testing it yet.

I am modifying my smartapp for 3-speed fan control to be compatible with this new device but if you want temperature control from a local table top remote this Hampton Bay
Universal Ceiling Fan Thermostatic Remote
also has a chance to be compatible with the zigbee receiver.