Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote

I installed this and it is working great. The LED bulbs that came with the fan are too bright and are not dimmable. I bought dimmable LED bulbs but they do not dim using SmartThings. So I assume the Hampton Bay remote does not dim. Anyone able to get LED bulbs to dim? I am using the device handler from dcoffing with the two child handlers

Do they dim using the remote? If not, make sure the toggle in the battery compartment is set to D (for Dim).


Thank you for the reply. The switch in the remote was not set to dim. It is now and I can dim the lights using the remote. This does not address the SmartThings issue.
Does the Hampton Bay device handler allow dimming?

Edit - I can tell Google Home to dim the ceiling fan lights and that works now. Great!

But why would flipping the switch in the remote affect SmartThings?

The switch on the remote configures whether or not the controller (piece in the fan) will dim; that setting applies to all sources of commands.

That was the answer. Fist bump and high five to you.