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Halo Smart Smoke Detector

(John) #310

I threw in the towel - replaced my Halo with the Nest Protect and am moving on. I will say the speaker is way louder on the Nest and honestly, the whole experience with the installation and setup was way easier. Its nice to know the wired also interconnects with the wireless protectors, making the install in areas without a current alarm a lot easier to boot.

(Toby Cth3) #311

I’m giving up on them too. Found 4 at a nearby Lowe’s, got up to the register and they refused to sell them.
Said screw it and picked up the new First Alert Safe& Sound during Prime Day. Eff any company who behaves like this!

(Mark) #312

I was gonna go with a hardwired nest protect.

What made you go for the new first alert device? I don’t think I need the speaker or Alexa capability. I have an echo almost directly below where my Halo is currently installed.

(Toby Cth3) #313

I have the same setup with an Alexa in each room but having it built in, hardwired was kinda appealing. I also paired them to a VLC server via BT so SmartThings can play announcements over them (NOAA alerts, door chimes, etc)

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(Josh Weiland) #314

I have 1 Halo and 1 Halo+. The weather radio functions on the Halo+ never worked, I’m assuming because reception was too weak. Kinda defeated the whole purpose of having it.

I also paired them to a VLC server via BT so SmartThings can play announcements over them (NOAA alerts, door chimes, etc)

@tobycth3 Could you share how you did this? I have Google Home devices throughout the house, and would be interested in NOAA alerts.

(Toby Cth3) #315

I installed VLC Thing on a Windows PC (but there are other apps you could use) along with RemindR. Pair via Bluetooth and configure the alerts you would like to hear.

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(Johnny Dang) #316

It’s so hard to say goodbye.
Dear Halo customers,

It is with our sincere apologies that we must let you know that Halo Smart Labs is closing its doors. You may have noticed a lack of available product and support responses, and we apologize for taking so long to let you know what is going on. While we are proud to have created a best in class product, it takes more than a great product to make a great business. Despite the best efforts of our team, ultimately the resources required to continue making and supporting Halo products were beyond our reach.

Over the next couple of weeks, direct support for Halo devices using the Halo app will be disconnected, leaving them unable to connect to the internet and deliver messages including hazard notifications and emergency contact ability. Our recommendation for those customers who wish to retain these features is to connect the Halo smoke alarms to a hub produced by either Iris by Lowe’s or SmartThings. These connected home systems intend to continue to provide connectivity and support for Halo devices and offer some additional benefits beyond the previous Halo app.

We at Halo recognize that your support of our products was no small investment, and we truly wish we could have found a way to provide a better outcome for your experience. Thank you for including us in your search for ways to make your home smarter and safer, and for letting us be a part of your lives.

-Ben Stagg
Halo Smart Labs

Halo Smart Labs is folding and your smart smoke alarm will soon turn dumb
(John) #317

Just saw the email. Damn shame…guess i need to look at the positive and glad I had only bought one versus family of mine that have four that are now kind of useless.

(Jimmy) #318

Damn :disappointed_relieved: I guess the one positive is it will still work with SmartThings.

(Chris H) #319

Based on this announcement, I’d be curious to know fellow users’ thoughts on what Device Handler / Type to use with ST from now on with an existing Halo setup.

Currently, mine use the “Halo” DH/type (mine are just basic Halos, not Plus versions), but would it be advisable to consider switching to to one of the stock (for lack of a better term) DH options, such as “Zigbee Smoke Sensor”?

Has anyone tried something like that yet? Thanks!

Edit: corrected Z-wave reference to Zigbee - I mixed up my protocols!

(Mark) #322

No worries I’ll just delete.

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(Jimmy) #323

So right now it would be a total jerk move is SmartThings just up and deleted the Halo device handler. But it’s a real possibility that if/when they sunset the groovy development portal that they never create a new handler in the new dev portal.

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(Josh Weiland) #324

What are the current options for smart smoke detectors that integrate nicely with SmartThings?

(Mark) #325

Need more details of what you’re looking for. Battery or hardwired? Direct connection to ST like a zigbee or z-wave device? Or are you ok with using a community developed solution to tie in something like a nest protect?

(Josh Weiland) #326

Hardwired smoke detector (possibly with CO2 monitoring). I’d prefer something with a direct connection, but not completed opposed to another service that ties in.

(Jimmy) #327

If I didn’t have the Halo I’d probably get this

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(Josh Weiland) #328

It looks like that isn’t actually a “detector”. It mounts next to an existing detector and listens for the audio siren.

I’d prefer something that was a single unit.

(Jimmy) #329

Correct. Works with whatever device you have now.

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(Brent Haag) #330

Do you have current hardwired detectors? I have FirstAlert/BRK alarms and got a RM4 relay for them and wired the dry contact to my board. Works really good.


I’ve seen these types of “detectors” show up recently. I have my doubts that a microphone is very accurate vs relying on individual sensors. Kind of like a glass break sensor in a security system.

Ring makes one like this as well. It’s specifically for their security system (which I have) but maybe it works on z wave with a device handler?

  • Description says to place it within 3 inches from a smoke/CO detector. So I would assume it’s very good at only alarming when the smoke/CO detector goes off vs false positive noises (loud music?).