Halo Smart Smoke Detector

Thank you. Sounds like it could be more sensitive than any alarm in my house with the addition of the ionization.

Looks like SmartThings is about to release firmware for Halo ZigBee OTA updates. Beta release is scheduled for Monday June 26th.


Fantastic - many thanks for passing along this update - good stuff!

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Any progress on the Halo connecting to other detectors or do you still have to replace all of them for it to work?

the halo will go off if a networked, dumb detector does. but it will only notify through ST or the app if its the one that originates the alarm

The latest firmware(currently a ST beta release) and smart app(pending release from ST) accomplishes notification for non halo originating alerts.


sweet! i’m on the beta, so i’ll have to test this out. thanks!

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Does the temp and humidity work for anyone? Mine is stuck at 73* and 33%

mine is updating correctly

Are you still able to control your night light? I thought I saw somewhere that if it’s not hardwired it does disconnect from SmartThings. So you might want to check that your green light in the button is on and that your connector in the back is clicked in.

Have you reached out to Halo Support Team? They’d probably be able to resolve this for you.

Any update on notifications from non-halo devices?

has there been an update to this yet? does the beta version you guys are testing accomplish this?

everybody should have this version now. it came with the firmware update last week. Mine was updated June 28th to version 0x26090028. with that said, i just pressed the test button on one of my dumb detectors and there was no notification from the Halo, but the other dumb detectors did alarm. I then tested the Halo, and all the dumb detectors went off with it. So it appears the test mode isn’t enough to trigger it or it still won’t alarm if a dumb detector originates the alarm.

Thanks for your reply. bummer i just got a halo+ and was hoping this was out and updated already. i tried the same thing and got the same result. let hope those who tested the beta have any input?

@Joshua_Cox any ETA on this? Or more insight on how this works?


I’ll give some quick details now.

The latest firmware on the halo combined with the smart app accomplishes this. It sounds like the firmware is released, but I’ll need to follow up on the smart app.(It is in ST hands)

1st I have to say that halo can not guarantee correct operation with 3rd party alarms at this time.

To the question of what happens when I do connect 3rd party alarms. I can’t speak for every/any detector, but below are a few examples.

1)Dumb alarms trigger if Halo is self-tested.
2)Halo sometimes trigger if a dumb alarm is self-tested. (Some work all the time & others are hit or miss)
3) halo triggers if dumb alarm detects smoke for more than 10 sec.
4)dumb alarm trigger if halo detects smoke.

The simple reason for #2 is the interconnect must be held high(9VDC) for an extended amount of time(5-10s) to trigger halo. Some dumb alarms only hold the interconnect line high for 3 to 4 sec during a self-test.

I’ll get more info on the release and share the details.


Typed on a smartphone… excuse typos.


i had a feeling maybe the signal not being long enough could be an issue. Thanks Josh!

Awesome @Joshua_Cox thanks for your help and any info would be appreciated. I will pull a dumb one and check for the 9v to see what results I get.

@Joshua_Cox I am still seeing the following when I look at the firmware:

Current Version: 0x25F70023
Target Version: 0x26090028
Last Updated: N/A
Last Checked: 2017-08-17 7:58 AM CDT

Does this mean that mine still has not been updated? I received 18.21 last week and would like to be sure that the smoke detector was updated.


The target is correct and it does not look updated.

I’ll reach out to ST and see what they suggest. If all else fails you could try to remove it and re-add it.

More details to follow.