Halloween outdoor lights lightning/spooky fading

Does anyone have any ideas on setting up lights to continuously and randomly fade on and off or turn on and off randomly to simulate lightning for Halloween?

If you check the quick browse list in the community – created wiki under project reports and look for the list on holidays you will find several Halloween threads there with various ideas. :sunglasses::jack_o_lantern:


For outside I use this:

Rather expensive but effective. It can be re-purposed for Christmas lights, etc.

Inside I use the Fibaro RGBW LED strip controller “Storm” animation:

It doesn’t have thunder but still pretty cool.

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I’m interested in the same thing. I’m not very good with the programming aspect and need some hand holding… But I’d really want to have my lights dim and flash to simulate power surges/outage

I move my hue lights around to the front of the house and use hue Halloween app and a Bluetooth speaker… Pretty cool affects… Freaks the kids out!

I find smartthings and zwave to be too slow for continuous effects for Halloween and Christmas… Native Hue is fast though…

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I’ve got 4 16 channel Light-O-Rama lighting controllers. You think SmartThings in general is a PIA to set up, try programming a dozen songs or special effects tracks with that many channels. I’ve wasted so much of my life…so much…