Create Halloween effects with zwave dimmers?

I have all of my exterior lighting controlled by zwave dimmers. I know they do not adjust quickly enough to mimick lightning etc, but I still think it would be a cool effect to constantly be adjusting the light brightness for Halloween. Has anyone seen any way to make that happen without manual intervention?

And please don’t tell me to search a certain thread or area unless it has a specific answer to my question. I have searched these boards high and low with no answer (the search tool isn’t the best to begin with)

The only way I can think of is to use webCore. With that you can set up anything you want. Could be fun!

I believe i used the flash function in webcore last year.

I used a Flash function in Core to quickly turn a light on and off whenever one of my kids take too long of a shower. Unfortunately, most of the time, they just ignore it. I should probably leave it off next time and let them shower in the dark! :smile:

I will have to give that a look. Thank you for your replies.

Its not running all the time, but if you hook up the Google Assistant to ST, you are able to say something like “Get Spooky” and it will brighten and dim all connected lights and play scary sounds through Google Homes. At least it did last year and I assume still works. It was pretty cool actually.

That would be perfect if I could choose the lights and I didn’t need the home/chromecasts for video and audio displays. I’m guessing it cant be adjusted very much. Thank you for pointing me to an Easter egg I didn’t know was there!

Yeah, at least last year it was all or nothing. No real tweaking.

I just released an app for Hubitat that does just what this thread is talking about. Should be easy enough to port over here. My ST hub is shut down now so I won’t be able to test it but if anybody else wants to give it a try.

My code is here:

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Sweet! That is exactly what I am looking for. I don’t know anything about Hubitat. Would it be easier to use it for Smartthings rather than port it?

I see that Hubitat is a hub, so i guess it wouldn’t be as practical to just use it instead. Thanks sir.

hubitat and smartthings both use a very similar Groovy coding platform. Try taking his code and creating a smartapp with it in your IDE.

Exactly, the original base code for creating something random actually came from here and was ported over to Hubitat and then heavily modified.

Now just need someone with some programming skills to port it back to ST. Shouldn’t be too hard. There isn’t anything hub specific in the app.

You should check it out :wink: 100% local, no downtime if you lose internet. The best part is you’ll see a TON of familiar names over on the Hubitat forums.

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I would be very grateful if there was someone who could pickup this as a little pet project. It looks like the bones are there but it would take me forever to figure it out. I am more of a hardware guy :wink:

Thanks but the ST has been rock solid in the 18 months since I installed it so its not at the top of my priority list right now. Perhaps when its time to change, it will be at the top of my list. Thanks again for your time and assistance

Hey, has anyone tried the “Ok Google, get spooky”? I just tried it and it plays sound effects but no light control. :frowning:

EDIT: Guess it’s not just me, so disappointing!