HA component to Device for Tadiran AC Wifi Control?

Hi to all the SW geniuses in this wonderful forum,

HA users just received a component to control Tadiran Air Condition via Wifi. The github is here :

Is there anyone who can analyze this HA component and transform into a Device Handler and SmartApp that will allow SmartThings users to enjoy controlling Tadiran AC via ST.

Any help is highly appreciated !! :pray:

hi guys - someone can help with that ?

I wrote Plugin to SmartThings to control the air-conditionair through Ekon component

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Thank you for work. :+1:
Can you share the plug-in? … Are there any usage instructions?
Please advise…

Hi Dotan,

I have just develop this plugin today after reading your post J

Anyway, I want to add control also for fan and for AC mode and than I will publish it on GitHub with instructions,

hopefully tomorrow.

Thank you,


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As promised, here is the link -

Read the readme file for instructions.
Enjoy :slight_smile:


Thank Adi,
This was tested by few SmartThings user and found to be working with no problems…
Your work is highly appreciated


Hi Guys,

I cannot control my AC via this DH.
I followed the instructions and change the user and pass to my email and password.

I’ve created new device and selected the DH, network id - I’ve entered the IP of the ‘connect controller’

The device status is unknown in the ST app.

Hi Everyone,

Does somebody else have issue connecting to the his device recently ( i am using the airconet devices)

It seems like we don’t have the permit to login to the following server anymore.