DeviceHandler / SmartApp for Panasonic Comfort Cloud (A/C)

Hi There, anyone with panasonic airconditions which has integrated Smartthings?

i can only find this:

it would be really nice to have this to work instead of buying an extra device like TADO…
a lot of the new Airconditions has WIFI build in, but communicates only to “Panasonic Comfort Cloud”…

Sorry, I don’t have any answers for you, but I would be interested also.

Hi, could you find any solution for this?
I bought a Panasonic Etherea and would like to link with SmartThings somehow. Do you know any solution for this?

+1 … count me in

Hi There, i have since switched to hubitat because of “local execution”, anyways on hubitat there is an integration available from someone… however i ended up before, using an IR emitter to control it instead… eg: Logitech Harmony, Broadlink RM3 - this could be used on Smartthings as well.

Dear Dion,

thanks for your answer. The IR emitter sounds good. And could you set up routines/automations as well? For example: when a thermometer measures a certain temperature, the air conditioning is automatically switched on? Thank you very much in advance if you send me an answer to this question as well.

Yes you can do these automations without issues, i did this myself

Using other sensors to measure temps etc.

It’s perfect.
Thanks for your help!

Sorry for this question: which sensor did you used?
I am new to the smart home stuffs and I’m confused with the lot’s of possibilities…