Group/Room name?

How do I get the group/room name assigned to a device via the API? There doesn’t seem to be any documentation and I would much prefer to do it properly as opposed to logging in and scrapping the and then traversing the links.

Right now you can’t via the developer site, just through the phone app (the proper way ST would like us to do it I suppose). Go to the Room you want to add the device too, and edit the Room. You’ll see where you can add/remove devices.

I am trying to create my own dashboard. I have all the REST wrapper stuff done in c# but am lacking the all important group information. I would like to show devices by group/room instead of listing them all out on he UI at once. Was hoping there was a property on the device object like groupName or even roomName in addition to the label, name properties etc. There must be since it is clearly visible on the webui, but it doesn’t seem to be exposed? Is this something that is going to be added soon? If so I could work around it till then but if not I can just go the hack way and screen scrape the data and inject it into my objects. Seems like a silly property to make private.

I get it, sorry @tacerra. I don’t know why that property isn’t available.

No worries. Just making sure I’m not missing something. :wink: