Group names API call

Is there an API call or method of location to retrieve the Group Names? I couldn’t find it anywhere. @Jim

No, there are no APIs to get group/room data.

Thanks Jim … so how does the IDE return Room names when you select a location?

When I say no APIs, I am referring to any APIs available to SmartApps or Device Types. There are internal APIs that are used by the mobile app or the IDE.

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Okay - got it. So any chance you would expose the Room names? I am writing a panel app where Things are organized into Tabs and some of my beta testers are asking for the Tabs to initially reflect the Rooms they have in the IDE.

See here:

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I would like to see that, but I’m not aware of any near-term plans to add APIs for getting rooms info in a SmartApp or Device Type.

This has been asked for… About 4 years.

I guess the past is not a prediction of the future, though, right?

Otherwise we have at least another 2.5 years until SHM gets entry & exit grace delays, or Bluetooth, or migration tool or…

(or… Insert any long requested Feature name here: but note: we did get tablet / landscape mode for the SmartThings App. Miracles happen!)