Groovy IDE vs webCoRe

Just starting with webcore. I installed the Smartthings Groovy IDE and have webCoRe page. ALL my devices are listed in the IDE but only the SmartThings motion sensors and the multisensors are available in webCoRe. How do I gain access

in your instance of webcore in the ST app, go to settings > available devices > available devices > in Select devices by capability at the bottom of the screen - select the devices in Group 1 - 3 in order to use them in webcore pistons :slight_smile: and done, done back save in the upper right of the screen or something close to that

Thank you very much. I am just starting and having difficulty in finding a good learning path to get the hang of webCoRe. ready to try my first piston now.

I should mention that is a great resource. lots of example pistons and a place where you can find assistance, if needed, when building pistons. Folks love to help if you ever need it or just need to ask a question.

JKP just wondering. If I install webcore. It will be available through both apps? I think I know the answer but just want to make sure.

I’m trying to not install any custom code. I just upgraded to the v3 hub and things are working REALLY well without it. I’d like it to stay that way :smiley:

yes. you need to initially set it up in the classic but then it is available in both. Also webCoRE can not manage STHM in the new app yet

Edit: I forgot, you don’t need the Classic app as pointed by @Mavrrick58 below.

What is STHM?

SmartThings Home Monitor

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I looks like with some recent changes to the new app we have full access to Smartapps written in groovy. That means we dont even need to use the classic app to install groovy apps anymore.

Also at this point i would speculate groovy isn’t going anywhere. The official directions in the developer documentation for integrating hub directly connected devices points to the Groovy ide for design and creation.