GreenWave Powernode 6 individual outlets not responding

I also bought two. But yeah there could be some issues I’ve not noticed… I haven’t found any way to reset the cumulative power consumption, in any case. And that confounded wheel…

I’ll play around a bit more.

*as far as monitoring for the individual tiles, I imagine it could be done. I’m not really sure if it was intended to do so, or if Mariano knows that they don’t display that info on the individual tiles.

I’m interested in the master display, on mine which is zero for power, except S1 ( all reported in history), but sperate tiles would be nice too.

You should be able to reset energy with a routine or scene by sending the reset nergy command in the action.

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Oh, Nice!


Odd. Seems like it’s working with mine. So, do you mean the only power consumption under the main/parent device controls being reported is for main/switch1?

I’ll continue to observe things on the other switches, but I’ve had an led work light connected on switch5 which seems to be working and registering power consumption, as well as independently on main/switch1.

I ran some tests and I’m getting inconsistent results. I think there may be a timing/refresh issue. So it does appear that some of the time both the master and the child provide both kW and kWh and these align with what is sent to the history, and sometimes they don’t. When I turn S5 off, the prior watt value stays in the display. Sometimes when I look at the music (master plug), I get 0.

I know the fan (S5) is about 6.7 W and the music (master) is 3.8 W. So, at steady state I should see these values when on. Sometimes I get a time out warning. I leave the detailed tile screen and return to the tile. When I return, with both items on, I’m getting the fan value only in the master (6.7 W). When I turn the fan off, it goes to zero.

In testing this, now that I understand that the “master” is the first switch with its own routines summary and the other 5 power. There are separate tiles are for the other 5s controls and routines. I can control each outlet separately as desired! I’ve programmed them all again, and hopefully these run correctly tonight.

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Even when refreshing by swiping down while in the main device control (while scrolled to the top), those values don’t necessarily reflect the present power consumption, I’ve noticed. But it does show when those values are updated, which might not refresh otherwise.

So, yeah, it definitely doesn’t refresh often, if at all, in a timely manner.

its definitely misleading at times- but now that I think of it, it could be the PS and not the driver. I’m, not sure yet, but it confusing if you are plugging in a device whose operation isn’t obvious.

Thanks @Mariano_Colmenarejo !

I went through my plugs and devices again tonight after excluding and including (and didn’t remove the child devices for switch 1-5 but did turn off their create child device settings from the main switch and save and then turned them all back on). All of my originally named switches were still there but now switch 1 and the master switch no longer controlled the first switch and switch 5 controls the 6th switch! Just had to rename each of the child devices to reflect this change and they are all working!

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I am able to control all the outlets now, I had to delete/exclude the previous devices and re-add them and re-create the routines.
It is still a little strange that the main button doesn’t correspond with the actual button on the strip [the master override button], but I am happy that I can continue using these :pray:

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This is a long thread, can someone link the best edge channel/driver to use for these? Thanks!

This is the best I’ve found.


Are the Lua files available on github for the Edge Beta drivers. I only found the yml files for the different zigbee/zwave?

I wanted to make my own fork and make some edits to the greenwave310 lua driver file so it loops 6 times looking for each child outlet.

Currently this implementation only finds 5 outlets

Hi @Smartphi

The driver profile has 6 components:
main: physical switch1
switch1: physical switch2
switch2: physical switch3
switch3: physical switch4
switch4: physical switch5
switch5: physical switch6

It is the philosophy that smartthing uses in the edge drivers and in my driver it is the same because it is based on the smartthings driver.

There is not even the code for my zwave drivers on GitHub since they are an adaptation of the stock driver published by smsrtthings.

It is true that I have made many changes to the drivers in these 2 years and now they have many differences.
I’ll think about publishing them when I have time, right now I’m very busy with other tasks.

It is almost as easy to customize a driver from the stock smartthings version as from mine

Please do when you have the time.

Also as a side not, I’m currently trying to diagnose why the power meter only updates with the current values when I go into the app on my phone and refresh the screen [aka “pull-down”]. It is not the biggest issue, and might not be driver related, but it broke some of my automations which do things based on current power usage.

I noticed issues on the power updates as well, when I updated. I don’t really do much with the power measurement on these outlet strips, so haven’t reviewed it since I updated the driver.

If the device does not update the power information, it is not a driver problem, it is a device parameter configuration problem.

  • Locate in the device manual the parameter and configuration values of the interval for the power and/or energy report.
  • Create a child configuration device in preferences and set the desired value in the corresponding parameter.
  • check id works and delete the child configuration device

In the fingerprints.yml I noticed

id: 0099/0003/0004
deviceLabel: Greenwave NP310-F
manufacturerId: 0x0099
productType: 0x0003
productId: 0x0004
deviceProfileName: switch-multicomponent-generic-5

The profiles source is not available in GitHub so i could not compare to smartthings base:

When you get the time can you please compare profiles and if profile ‘switch-multicomponent-generic-5’ is identical to linked above can you please add another profile but add a sixth switch component :

  • id: switch6
    • id: switch
      version: 1
    • name: Switch

And please add additional profile to your fingerprints file

deviceprofilename: switch-multicomponent-generic-6

Currently the six outlet

1 not working
2 maps to 1
3 maps to 2
4 maps to 3
5 maps to 4
6 maps to 5

Crossing fingers its a profile issue that can be fixed to resolve missing outlet. These drivers report energy much better than stock so very much appreciate the job done to drastically improve performance. It’s a minor issue missing outlet so when you get time.

I had the same issue when the edge driver transition happened and I have the same 6-outlet switch. But after excluding and deleting all devices and pairing again, mine works as Mariano stated. Main is Physical switch 1, and then switch 1:5 are physical switches 2:6. All 6 outlets are individually controllable. You might try pairing again.

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Hi @Smartphi

Device profile switch-multicomponent-generic-5 exist in stock driver too, I don’t know why you compare it with another different profile metering-switch-5

@Natec answer is correct