TKBHome Zwave Dimmer Plugs not working on Edge

I’ve been caught by the device migration to Edge and have 3 TKBHOME TZ67E z-wave plug dimmers that are no longer responding. Turning on/off or dimming from the plug control is reflected in the app correctly, but I cannot initiate control of the plug from SmartThings. There are no other drivers I’ve found that I can use having connected to the SmartThings drivers beta channel.

Has anyone had any success with this switch? What options do I have or do I just need to find new dimmer switches now?

Thanks for any help as now feeling quite frustrated.

Hello, I’ve had some issues with this switch, I excluded a socket before the move to edge. The sockets that moved over automatically seemed to get a device profile of “metering-switch” using the edge driver Z-Wave Switch. The one I’d excluded and trying to re-connect was either Switch or Energy Monitor, but not both. I’ve been experimenting to see if I can force the profile, but no.

Anyway, I’ve had some success today! I completely removed the switch this time, and reset it (three clicks of the blue button, then hold for 5 seconds), I allowed SmartThings to find it and hey presto this time it’s recognised it as a metering switch!

I hope this helps - been a huge frustration for me too this move to edge!