Green video feed from Ring Doorbell Pro to smartthings app

Hey all!

As above really, I’ve connected my RD Pro to smartthings but I’m getting a green distorted picture on the video feed. Signal strength is fine, picture through ring app is fine.

Just wondering If anyone has had the same experience and resolved it or has any suggestions as to what I can try. As usual there are no support representatives in the UK and Ireland to deal with Smartthings queries. :unamused:

Many thanks

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I see the same thing intermittently, using the RD Pro handler for my original Ring. If I end live view and try again it sometimes goes away. Same as you, I haven’t seen the issue when viewing through the Ring app.

Report is to ST support, it’s a bug with their mobile app, if enough folks report it they may fix it. It isn’t unique to Ring but also from other cameras like Foscam.

In the interim you can reboot your camera, router, hub and phone and that may fix it temporarily. It has something to do with the latency of the devices in the chain so rebooting everything usually helps. But the long term fix is for ST to patch their mobile app video player and make it hardier.


I haven’t seen the green tinge recently but when I was viewing noisy cams on VLC, it was caused by high bitrate not being satisified. This was 6-7 years ago on wireless, maybe 54Mbits or possibly plugged-in100Mbits.

oops I didn’t notice Rboy already clarified

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the replies.

I have tried the above with no luck and I have spoken to support who have said ‘it’s being worked on’. To be honest I’m genuinely regretting buying the smart hub. I bought it specifically to integrate with the ring doorbell, it didn’t. They then assured me I would get a video feed with the doorbell pro, which I’ve spent another £230 on, and here I am absolutely no better off. I honestly don’t know how they can state categorically that these devices integrate when they clearly don’t. :neutral_face:

I understand your frustration but do report it to ST, it’s a simple fix but we need enough folks to report it so they can fix it. Take a screenshot and send it to

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Installed a new Ring Doorbell Pro and having the same issue. In my case, it is persistent and I have never seen a clear feed through SmartThings.

It looks like you’re using and Android phone. You may want to try this, reboot your camera, hub, router and your phone (in that order). It works for some folks.

Still exactly the same here. Once in maybe every 30-40 attempts I get a clear picture but the next time it’s green again. :sob: Spoken to support who have assured me it’s being worked on but I’m not holding my breath.

Rboy I’ve rebooted probably a million times, although possibly not in that order. At the risk of sounding incredibly stupid do you mean reboot them in that order one at a time, waiting for one to come back online before rebooting the next, or reboot in that sequence allowing them to come back online at the same time? If that makes any sense??

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Any word on a fix for this?


workaround to lower your video resolution to lower the data rate

I see no issue in the new app, but all cams are green in classic. Assuming they have no intention of ever addressing this.

Still have the issue in the Classic app - does anyone have any news on that?

Hi Charliee,
I live in Tucson, AZ and I have the same issues from time to time. Despite the harsh hot temps out here, both my ring doorbells are in the shade most of the day, because I placed one under my patio roof, and the other under mini roof I built and attached the fence over it. So, it could be weather or temp related, but it may not. Since you and I both have good router / wifi signal the RD it seems that this would also not be an issue. Hopefully Ring will look into the issue.