API endpoint down?

For a while I have been using a script on my raspberry pi to do some automation with my garage door. Today it started failing with 404’s from https://api.smartthings.com/v1 I lodged a ticket with support but never really got a legit response, only that they are sorry I’m having trouble and I should post here.

Is Smartthings have issues? Or did they kill off that API endpoint? What other REST endpoint do they have that I can use my personal developers token and not mess with oauth?


Are you trying to call http://api.smartthings.com/v1 directly? That is expected to return a 404. You need a specific endpoint such as “https://api.smartthings.com/v1/devices”. See https://smartthings.developer.samsung.com/docs/guides/smartapps/working-with-devices.html



Yeah in the code I use the full endpoint.

What actually happened was my house lost internet. Between the errors in the log and this https://status.smartthings.com/ saying degraded performance, I drew the wrong conclusion.


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