Graph api is down?


is the down?

Schedules US Maintenance :blush:

yeah, but apparently the whole app is down as well :sob:
Any idea when it will be up again?

When will the site be back?
I thought the maintenance was scheduled to be complete before sunrise so sunrise/sunset schedules would work.

US platform maintenance is taking longer than expected, but is proceeding. We will update as soon as the process is complete.

Still 45 minutes until sunrise here so there is time :wink:

Thank you,

at my timezone, now is 45 mins before sunset :grin:


This is so unprofessional. Our lights should have switched on at 5am and smartthings is still not operational. And it is not the first time they do that. Big mistake when one plans to use smartthings for important processes until they sorted out the stability.

I wonder if in the future they could stage the local device upgrade so it doesn’t affect the “offline” AppEngine abilities. Like maybe go into a pseudo “disconnected” mode until the server says its okay to reboot with the upgrade?

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FAIL! I know I’m a noob, but this really has caught me off guard this morning. So is my alarm going to go off when I let the dog out this morning? Who knows? I can’t log on and see what mode i’m in!? A few of these events as Apple and Google and others come into the market, and it will be game-over for Smartthings. Hope you can learn from this.

Further to this, my wife set the alarm off when going out to walk the dog as I worried. There was NO WAY for me to disable the Stay mode (even though one of our phones indicated it was done)… and even though I had an automatic timed shutoff programmed to disable alarms in the morning. None of it worked. So, there I am ripping the alarms off the wall. Is that really the way this is supposed to work? No local control? The alarm companies will have a field day with that. I feel duped.

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My thoughts on recent maintenance

So, you implement “important processes” on a system that is still maturing and developing?

I personally would never put something important at this stage of a cloud-based IoT system, at least, not at this time. I just recently switched to Hub v2 hoping for better opportunities, but its still too early for Hub v2’s new features to really shine. Many threads exist on this forum stating the same thing. I would suggest you re-evaluate some of your “important processes” to ensure none are critical to the health, or security of your family.

The system is getting far better since it was released (in my opinion), that’s the great news. But we still have a ways to go.

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To add to Darryls comment, I work with Industrial grade IoT and cloud based systems, and they ALL have local backup/local control for anything safety, security, and/or critically important to the user experience.

Cloud brings the cost down, but it adds a loooong highway between your devices and their “brains”. (Roundtrip from your device to ST server and back!). I won’t put a siren on the end of a looong road that depends on:

  1. Device itself. These devices are cheap these days. I don’t trust them as much as industrial grade ones.
  2. Hub hardware (reliable on it’s own…).
  3. My home managed network (pretty reliable, but I’ve had router issues before, and the sysadmin loses his mind sometimes :smile: ).
  4. My cable company/cable lines (I have had cables cut during digging, my neighborhood has gone out).
  5. ST servers: While they have been reliable and communicative during maintenance, they are not perfect.
  6. And now the list backwards to the other device…

I’m glad you guys are so willing to give SmartThings a free pass. It’s true that I got a maintenance email too. It’s also true that because I am new to the system, I had no idea how it would impact me. For someone new to the system, it’s not readily apparent what is local, and what is not. So, I had a wrong impression about what is local as it appears that even a basic mode change (from Stay to Disable) has to travel through the cloud. The only “local” thing is that the siren still gets triggered, yeah!. It’s not like I’m trusting life support to the cloud and the IoT, it’s just a bloody siren, however, this does beg the question about the fundamental “design” behind the system. What should be local, what should not be. If ST wants to bill their system as capable of handling security, which they clearly do on several levels, then they need to stand behind that. It’s not like we are trying to make something work beyond its intended purpose, it is clearly advertised as a security solution. So, we are back to the fundamental “design” and plans going forward for ST.
For our installation, my wife is now completely dubious of our “new system” understandably. She’s lost confidence. That’s an expensive mistake for any company to make, maintenance issues or not. Because we now are keenly aware of just how tenuous a thread it all hangs by. I agree it’s early days, and as someone who also lives and breaths technology, I am prepared for teething issues. However, core infrastructure and design is not something that can be replaced on a whim, so I’ll be interested to know of any plans to shore up the infrastructure so that basic functionality is not so easily impaired by predictable outages and events.

To be honest, I feel that your lack of research regarding what the hub can do, how it functions, concerns, risks, end user experience, etc plays a factor in your approach, and your wife’s lost confidence. Your only discussing and having issues with things that have been spoken about ad noseum since day one of both Hub v1, and Hub v2.

Even SmartThings team members have stated that v2 is going to do more and more local processing over time, but at this stage its minimal.

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I’ve been watching the various Smart IoT solutions for a few years now. I almost invested in Revolv (glad I waited!). I researched all the players in the space heavily before jumping in with ST recently. (I waited for the new hub) As a new customer/user, I’m doing my best to come up to speed, but that does not mean that my experience (or lack of it) has any less relevance. I’m certainly not new to remote control, having first looked at it with x10.
I’m glad to hear this has been talked about “ad nauseam” because it’s obviously an important issue. Sorry, I am late to the party. Does that make me an idiot? Hopefully not. Uninformed? certainly.
Is there someplace I can go to learn about how the hub functions and what is planned for local processing now and in the future? If so, please send a link, i’d love to get educated. Even if those discussions are archived, I’d love to know where they are. Is there a whitepaper? Design doc? All I see is high level marketing information.
As someone who’s been designing high-tech gear for over 15 years, I love having access to such information. It makes me a smarter customer, and sets my expectations accordingly.
Please let me know where all the information you are privy to resides!

In all seriousness, the information is literally all around you. Use the search up at the top right, it works really well. I’m not kidding, this community is a wealth of knowledge, brimming full of an unbelievable amount of information. I’ve learned more from this community than I can recount, I owe many here. Thanks to all. I’m hoping to add back.

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In all serious, it’s not really fair to say “go search the forums” in answer to darrylb telling me I have a “lack of research”. I have been lurking on these forums for a while, and I agree this is a fantastic community, I’m even trying to get a friend of mine to help moderate it since she’s the best community moderator I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. So, no argument there. However, the community is not a place to do general research on “what the hub can do, how it functions, concerns, risks, end user experience, etc.”

So, i’m back to square one, and will just have to learn as I go, one question at a time, since there is no tome of knowledge other than community discussion threads on how things actually work.

The thing that sours me slightly on the “community” is when I come in to complain about how my system is working. (a legit complaint I am told, discussed “ad Nauseam”) However, in response, I’m slightly chastised by being told I haven’t done “my research on how things work” and then further told “it’s all around me” in regards to my ask for source material for said research.
Yes, thanks for that. Very helpful. I’m done here.

We are genuinely trying to help you… Everyone’s time is valuable including yours. I will spend more time finding you specific information if you’ve tried yourself and failed (just let us know), but even my kids get the “Google it” answer when they ask certain questions, and I love them dearly.

Here’s some links: (This search has incredibly valuable information in the first few links I perused)

So, it is unfortunate you think that your being chastised. if that is how its coming across, please forgive me on that part. After years of being in this community, you get exhausted of the same complaints over and over again.

I can appreciate @bridaus as he just said he would try to get you some links. Unfortunately, and you are correct in saying, that it can take a fair amount of searching to find a lot of this information, there is no quick central source to learn the weaknesses, concerns, disadvantages, risks, or workarounds.

As an example: @JDRoberts has done a few great posts regarding signal strength, but I could imagine that most people wouldn’t even think about looking for an article on signal strength when x device works unreliably (most notably, presence sensors). That’s a fair argument, that the knowledge exists, but it is fragmented/scattered across the community.

Have you joined any of the ‘developer calls’? I think that might be a great source for information. Even if you don’t do the live calls, they are all posted on YouTube. That may be a great way to get a lot of information on SmartThings, to bridge some knowledge gaps. I do suggest sticking with it, I enjoy it, but learn its strengths and weaknesses so you know how best to architect your solution, for your needs.! :smile: