Graph api is down?

I often say forums are for questions, wikis are for answers.

There is a brand new community project (literally just a few weeks old) to try to help exactly the issue you’ve run into.

Can’t promise it will help right now as it’s such early days, but it’s definitely practical forward progress. So keep an eye on it, contribute, and even if you just start a stub page for topics of interest to you it should help encourage those with more information to get it collected in a more useful way than we have now. :sunglasses:

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Fantastic news on the Wiki front JD. I’ll definitely follow that development.
DarrylB, we’re good, and I apologize if I came across overtly sensitive. Not my style normally.

I think I picked a good time to finally take the plunge. I’m having a blast with ST overall, trust me! I made a very deliberate and careful choice to throw-in with this crew, so I’m invested in more ways than one!