Got my first GE Smart switch hooked up!

Just wanted to thank everyone the contributed knowledge regarding getting this smart switch hooked up. Took some time this weekend to hook one up and its working great. I feel like a king!!! Thanks everyone.


That first drink it what leads to being an alchoholic


LOL, yeah, I have been doing individual bulbs up to this point. This is def more cost effective for sure. Also have a smart lock on the front door. Next item is going to be garage door opener.

Welcome to your new addiction, er I mean hobby… :grin:

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HAHA, I have had the hobby for a few years now. Just finally decided to try my hand as an electrician.

Well, just watch out for scumbags making a run for your unlocked interior door :grinning:

And congrats on passing the apprentice electrician test, LOL

Lol. Yeah. Still don’t understand that one. But hey, that’s what mages this system great. Ultimate flexibility.

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Congrats - the help here is pretty impressive, isn’t it?

It is a little addictive…I replaced all of my switches years ago when we moved in (dumb switches at the time, of course). While that was satisfying for aesthetic reasons, putting in smart/connected switches is a lot more fun. :slight_smile: (And addictive.)


“Hello, my name is Chowder and I’m an automaholic.”


CONGRATS ! I remember those days… I need SmartThings to offer a support group or marriage counseling for my “sickness”… And now Amazon Alexa tells me I am currently at 112 connected devices. It is a disease!! :grinning::relaxed::expressionless::confounded::fearful:

We need to be careful not to disconnect from our loved ones due to buying/installing too many connected devices. :wink:


My wife is my coordinator and extends our mesh while including new presence devices. I am merely a repeater.