Set-up For Sale

(Stephen) #1

Well unfortunately it looks like the instabilities have caused my family to give up and force me to get rid of everything. Here is what I have:

1 hub
1 presence sensor
1 ST motion sensor
1 Open/Close sensor
2 Multi-sensors
1 Aeon Labs siren Gen 5 plug-in
1 fibaro motion sensor
1 minimote
6 GE link A19 bulbs
1 BR30 GE Link Bulb
2 GE dimmer switches new version with neutral wire

If anyone is interested please send me a message.

Thanks guys. Maybe it will be better soon and they will let me try again.

(Stephen) #2

Sorry. Open/close and multi sensors are ST

(Alex) #3

Are you in Canada by any chance?

(Stephen) #4

Unfortunately no. I’m in Florida.

(Ron S) #5

@drake0508 Wait it out some more, my friend. Just my 2 cents. Hope things will get better.

(Stephen) #6

I’m trying Smart. I really enjoy this stuff. Unfortunately it isn’t making life convenient. It’s making it a hassle

(Ron S) #7

Same here… But I am giving you an unwanted opinion… as a fellow buddy… Stick with it for some time… All the GE bulbs that you have can be used as a regular bulbs for now… I don’t think you will recover what you paid for… Things may get better. Just talking to you as a buddy. :slight_smile:

(Stephen) #8

You’re probably right Smart. I could probably just hook the GE bulbs to my Hue bridge and automate the lights that way. I just have to convince my family it is okay. Just bought a tap switch to see how it would work and they all like it. The wifey wants me to see what apple will offer as far as a platform because their stuff usually works pretty well. Unfortunately no word from them yet. I’ll see what I can talk them into. I really appreciate all of your help Smart. You seem to be a wealth of information.

(Ron S) #9

Wealth of information? Hehehhehe! It’s recycled information from this community… :slight_smile: