Google WiFi or Samsung connect?

Need new/better WiFi. If all 3 samsung units connected to HA devices I think that should be the way to go.
Reviews are mixed. Seems more Google wifi have been reviewed at the big box store sites
Not sure which way to go. House is 3 stories, about 1400sqft/floor

All input appreciated

Only one I would recommend…

Ubiquiti Unifi

I have used many, many wireless access points over the years (worked in IT for 20 years) and found these to extreemly good for the price.
You can also configure them for transparent roaming so if you move the device between the APs they dont loose connection

Either ceiling, wall mounted or free standing… they look like little flying saucers and as they use poe (power over ethernet) you just need to run only one network cable to them. I have them ceiling mounted

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At the present time only one of the units in the Samsung connect set up will act as a SmartThings hub, if that makes any difference to you. So it really shouldn’t be very different from just having a Wi-Fi network and then having the original SmartThings V2 hub with regard to home automation.

The biggest difference is that since the Samsung connect is designed together, you don’t have to worry about having the hub’s zigbee radio too close to a Wi-Fi point, as the Connect is going to manage that issue for you.


The Ubiquiti Unifi are nice but a bit out of the budget @ 150 each

The Samsung and Google 3 packs are $210 @ Lowes

Where did you see 210?

249 at lowes -$40 off coupon (4% cashback from TCB)

Referral link

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Can’t set static IP’s on the Samsung Connect. Going for the Google 3 pack

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What’s the 40 off coupon?

EDIT: Nevermind, realized it’s part of the normal Lowe’s coupons. Just didn’t realize there was something for 40 and only 15 or 50. Definitely going to grab this if I can get to work.