Google Nest Thermostat does not appear in API Devices call

I added a Google Nest Thermostat to my Smartthings App (Version and it is not showing up when I do call to I checked my Personal access token and it has the following permissions:


Do Google Nest Devices not show up in the API, or is there something in need to do so they show up in the Deivces call?

that is correct… they will not appear nor can they be accessed by 3rd party systems such as SharpTools, etc. Google Nest only allows them to be used from the ST app. Fun fact: they don’t even appear in IDE :slight_smile:


I can think of three possibilities:

  1. It is of a type that the API doesn’t include in the list. You won’t find devices of type GROUP in there, for example.
  2. It is not part of your Location. You won’t find the ‘Mobile as a thing’ device objects for your mobile devices in there, for example.
  3. They’ve made a good job of hiding it.

Regardless of whether it is 1), 2) or 3) you’d probably need something else to be pointing at it to give you a snowballs of finding it.

There is a 4) which covers things like Personal Devices but I’d imagine it is in the API somewhere thumbing its nose.