Google integration bugged? Samsung AU8000 4K TV

I have recently purchased a Samsung AU8000 4K TV. The Google assistant logs in and works fine but the trouble is communication with the Home App.

As shown, in the Home App it would flicker between Offline and Not Responding, probably as it making attempts to connect/reconnect to the TV. I note however that the device can still receive and execute voice commands. I can still move the device in the Home app and control the lights in the same room so it understands proximity commands.

The reason I am on the smart things community forum about this is because I added the TV to ST. Thinking that officially linking ST and Home app via Works with Google’ setup. I go to add the service, select ST from the services list, it gives me the Google auth page

Then because the smart things app is installed it takes me to the web page in the app for another Auth.

Then it opens a quick browser with Samsung login

Then the same auth in this quick browser.

Then failure.

I’ve done this at least 5 times, same result. I’ve also tried doing it in reverse to (service first then log into voice on TV) still no dice.

Google nest however was able to link services via smart things app.

In conclusion, this disconnect or connection difficulty with Smart things service and Google Home app, I believe is part of the larger problem of the TV not being shown online and responsive within the Google home app.

Side question. Do you think that’s also why it doesn’t show up as a cast device when casting anything else other than YouTube? Does this TV not have “Chromecast built in?” Or is this some limitation of Tizen?

(Edit: I originally had screenshots detailing my steps, but since this is my first post had to choose one.)

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