Google Home Yale Conexis l1 with Smartthings

I have Google home with several integrations. Samsung TV-ST, Nest Thermo, Nest Cameras, Nest Protect, 70 devices…so biggish environment with control at Google home.
So next on list to do is door locks. Done the investigation and selected Yale Conexis L1 with Z Wave module into ST with GH connecting to ST. Works great with Samsung TV…

Not purchased YET… spoke to my fitter Yale register. He installed the same lock but now he says he is having problems. Many to do with key fob recognition and other bits.

He has put me off slightly…so is the connection I have outlined do-able. Think so but just checking. Then is it “don’t do asking for trouble” or “everything is ok with some niggles” as u get with tech…
Haven’t got the ST hub yet, this is a must have as TV works without.

Thanks for your help.


You can’t natively program FOB’s through SmartThings.
For that matter the stock device handler doesn’t support FOB’s either. If your Z-Wave module sends that information over Z-Wave you will need an Enhanced Z-Wave Lock device handler to process those FOB’s and a SmartApp like this to create custom actions and notifications around the FOB’s. [RELEASE] Lock User Unlock/Lock Door Notifications and Actions

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Thanks makes sense …so its this module you refer to

I noticed that when putting shopping list together that G2 was best.
Makes again :+1:

Yes that’s the module

But get if from amazon it was cheaper there last week. Or even better do a quick Google search. Prices vary quite considerably