Google Home + Smartthings Integration Errors

Several months ago I was able to have my Google Home device respond to voice commands to turn on/off lights in my house that were connected to my Smartthings Hub. In the Smartthings app there was a SmartApp called “Google” that I used to talk with my Google Home device. I don’t remember how or where this “Google” SmartApp came from, but it seemed to work.

Today, I was running the Google Home app on my smartphone phone trying to set it up to connect to my Smartthings Hub. When trying to add a device, I was getting the error, “Couldn’t load provider information. Check your network connection and try again.” Thinking that the Google SmartApp that I was using previously in the Smartthings app could be causing some conflict, I removed that SmartApp from the Smartthings app. that didn’t help with the error I was getting in the Google Home app.

So, I was trying to add back in the previous Google SmartApp into my Smartthings App but I can’t find it anywhere. Is there a way to install or load the Google SmartApp back into the Smartthings app again?

Or, has anyone figure out how to fix the error I was getting in the Google Home app when trying to add smart devices?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

If you go back into the Google home app, remove your ST devices and then go back in and re-add it. The google home app will request access from ST and ST will create the Google smartapp automatically.

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Thanks for that tip. I did try that and my devices are back.