Google Home won't connect to Smartthings

@elesjuan, Ok figured out what worked for me. I needed to sign in as Samsung account, do not use SmartThings account. Then I saw my devices and were added. devices now linked in google home app

@elesjuan, LIFX bulbs are controllable locally from the LIFX app as I can remember. You can flash most of the Tuya devices with Tasmota and move away from SmartThings to Home Assistant.

Then you just need to build your locally running voice assitant and you are saved from the mercy of these vendors.

It shouldn’t be a problem for you if you are a network engineer.

@GSzabados well aware of tasmota and flashing tuya devices, and it mostly won’t be a problem for me. You’re glossing over my point, which still stands :100: relevant. What about everyone else who wasted hundreds of dollars on stuff they won’t have the knowledge, skill, or tools to flash?? Yeah. They’re SOL.

They would go into an Apple store and ask a Genius to fix it.

I had same issue and followed what Eric wrote.
added Samsung smart home instead of smartthings and it worked

My google home was previously integrated, but I unlinked it, now I cant seem to get it integrated it again. Every time I try I get “Smartthings is linked… something went wrong”.

Unfortunately I was already using the Samsung login (not smartthings) so that trick hasn’t helped. I’ve had a support case with SmartThings open, but that hasn’t helped either. Ive unlinked both from SmartThings and Google about a dozen times. Something is hanging up the process but it so transparent to the user, I can’t tell what is the issue other than the great error message of “something went wrong”

I’m having similar issues as listed above but not of the solutions are working in my case. I recently bought a brand new Samsung Smartthings Hub V3 to link my Kwikset doorlocks. I try and add the the SmartThings service, I log into my Samsung Account rather than Smartthings. I’m able to click “Authorize” but then it just returns me to the “Add a device” screen. If I check the “Security” section of Google account it says the service is linked, but if I look services under Google Home, The SmartThings service is not listed. I’ve tried using Chrome in Android and the Samsung Browser in Android.

Has anyone recently had this problem and found a solution? This is very frustrating! It shouldn’t be this hard. I’m not a home automation newbie, just a SmartThings newbie.



Similar problem to all of the above, but slightly different:

When linking SmartThings to GoogleHome (from the Google Home app) I get two popups saying that the accounts are linked, after confirming that SmartThings will sharing data with Google. But after this, still, SmartThings does NOT show up as a linked service in Google App. At the same time, the SmartThings app identifies Google Home as a linked service, and the option to share data with Google is shown as enabled. The Samsung helpdesk has been of zero help, blaming Google, and Google say it’s not their problem. Big disgrace.

Thank you! I had logged in to the wrong smartthings account and didn’t know how to disconnect and log into the right one since it wasn’t showing up in google home. This worked like a charm.

I have the exact same problem as Tor_Soe. I linke from google home using + new device / works with google / and attempt to add smartthings and i’ve also tried samsung smart home. Both say that i’m linked and put me back to the add device (new works with google screen), but google home does not establish the linked service in the services list under works with google. I’ve tried creating both new google accounts and new samsung accounts. All the same. now if i log into smartthings it says google is a linked service. If i log into google assistant it says smartthings OAUH is a linked service. unless of course i tried samsung smart home to which that service also appears in the google assistent. But in no cases does it ever appear in google home.

Ive been able to link other services to google home, easily

Update from KwikSet…

Hi mhcrowder,

The Kwikset Smartcode 888 is not compatible with Google Assistant, yet works with Amazon Alexa.

Thank you, Kwikset

Seems odd, but oh well. Guess I’ll have to do all my automation control from within SmartThings with no voice access…what a pain.

I still have the issue that the SmartThings link to Google Home doesn’t seem to be getting created successfully like many others. I’ve got to find a cheap device that everyone knows works with SmartThings and Google and see if that will cause the link to be successfully created in Google Home.


Are you serious. Thats the kwiket lock giving me grief in google home. kinda bs

Tried everyone’s suggestion with no luck until i switched my default browser on my galaxy to Samsungs browser and it worked like a charm

Anyone ever get this to work? Having the same problem and it is maddening.

I had the same issue on my iPhone (latest iOS, Google Home app). Even though both accounts show other linked account. Then I find an Android phone to setup the link again in Google Home. After a few tries, it worked and connected! All my SmartThings device now show in Google Home.