Google Home voice command won't work

I keep getting “sorry something went wrong with bulb…” while trying to turn either on or off my smart bulbs (Lifx integrated with SmartThings).

Basically anything voice command related to ST won’t work, Ecobee, smart outlets, etc.

Now everything works fine if I use the Android GH app or voice commands via Alexa. Any ideas?

First GH would not link with my ST account with a check connection error…I was able to fix that but now I got this stupid voice control bug. Really frustrating.

not sure if it works for you now, but mine has been doing this every so often since the beginning of this year. It only seems to be getting worse now, commands that used to work, now fail. Also the command that may work, take a while to happen. I think something has broken with Google because I can no longer turn my tvs off using voice (via the chromecasts).