Google Home Security System

Google Home has enabled arm/disarm security systems as part of its routines…

Currently SmartThings does not show as a security system, but what I would like to know is if it will ever be possible.

Let’s tag @Lars.

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You can have Google toggle a virtual switch which would then set the security mode in automations.
However i set up all my security mode automations within smartthings

Hi @mvevitsis,

That is a good idea but it would be great to use the Google Homes in-built functionality rather than a workaround.

Honestly it is amazing what the community has done to help bridge gaps with SmartThings but I am hoping with the new Google integration that 2 way control with SmartThings base functionality will become a possibility.

If not I will be sure to look into the method you have kindly suggested.

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I’ll forward the request to the decision makers :slight_smile:


@Lars while you’re at it, submit for Alexa too. Would be nice to use regular SmartThings Home Monitor with Alexa Guard like you can for the ADT/ST hub.